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All of Easitech's products are ideally suited for Schools and are sourced specifically because of their ability to both make and save money, increasing profitability and therefore effectivley 'paying for themselves' very quickly. All our products can be purchased using a range of finance options, including leasing.

School Coffee Machines - A vital part of any active staff room is the refreshment area,integrating a profitable Coffee Machine can not only boost staff morale but can also provide an extra revenue source. The average cup of coffee costs 10p and is sold at around £2.00. Even by discounting this price to members of staff profts are stil to be made. Our coffee machines also work well within the school canteen again providing a further revenue source.

School CCTV - Protection of both school children and members of staff is essential. Installation of CCTV not only provides extra security but can also save vast amounts of money. With most teaching assistants being hired primarly as a second pair of eyes for child safety within the classroom, installation of a CCTV camera in each room can significantly reduce the need for these assistants, leading to possible savings of approximatly £14,000 per classroom.

School Audio Visual - Easitech offer a range of projectors,whiteboards and television screens, all of which are now common place in classrooms. We offer a range of specifications from top of the range televisions,to cheaper alternatives catering for any budget. It has been proven that the use of virtual whiteboards and audio visiual interaction significantly improves school chidlrens cognitive recall, aiding exam results.

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