Pubs & Bars

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All of Easitech's products are ideally suited for Pubs & Bars and are sourced specifcially because of their ability to both make and save money, increasing profitability and therefore effectivley 'paying for themselves' very quickly. 

Pub Audio Visual - Attract customers looking for the best possible sporting experience, with HD now pretty standard in peoples homes it is a must to offer at least the equivalent to entice them out to watch the match.

Pub Coffee Machines - An average cup of coffee is sold for £1.50 to £2.50 and costs about 10p to make. To maximise the sale you need to offer the best product and Easitech provide this by offering the latest bean to cup and traditional machines, as well as the finest fairtrade coffee beans.

Pub CCTV - This could offer significant savings, will stop petty theft and 'sweethearting' (the practice of staff giving their friends free or larger drinks) as well as protecting your property, stock and staff. Our experts will come out and survey your premises and provide a bespoke quotation which takes into account your security concerns along with licensing requirments. Click here to book a survey.

Pub EPOS - An EPOS can fine tune your business and dramatically increase your bottom your line. Do you know your top 10 most profitable products or your biggest loss making products? Or do you know what time your staff arrive when your not on the premises or even who accounts for what percentage of your sales. If the answer to these questions aren't yes contact us today without delay.