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All of Easitech's products are ideally suited for office's and are sourced specifcially because of their ability to both make and save money, increasing profitability and therefore effectivley 'paying for themselves' very quickly. 

Office Audio Visual - Easitech offer audio visual products suited for the office environment. Does your meeting room require a large projector and screen for presentation purposes? Does your staff room require a television to boost staff morale on break periods? We cater to all your office requirements with various purchasing options available to suite a range of budgets.

Office Coffee Machines - Do you want to provide staff with coffee to boost productivty and imrpove morale? Do you want to have the ability and option to offer customers beverages to instantly form a posotive customer relationship? Easitech have a range of coffee machines with costs as little as 10p per cup and average profit margins of 1000% (based on a £2 cup). Offering you the ability to both make money from selling to your staff, or to provide for your customers at low cost.

Office CCTV - Your business and office are crucially important, so protecting them makes perfect sense. Easitech offer varied CCTV products that cater to all different size buildings to provide full,good quality coverage of your building(s).Easitech are also one of the first companies to offer HD CCTV to the leisure and business markets.With the ability to view your cameras whilst away from your premesis as standard on all our CCTV packages.Our experts will come out and survey your premises and provide a bespoke quotation which takes into account your security concerns along with licensing requirments. Click here to book a survey.