Easi Rental


Easi Rental is a minimum term rental usually 12 months but also with 6 month and 18 month terms available. An option can be included to purchase after 6 months with a full refund of rentals, which gives you the chance to try before you buy.


  • New Start - Not sure about the future this is the shortest term we offer
  • Try before you buy - Purchase option with refund of rentals
  • Service inclusive - Never worry about equipment working
  • Upgrades - Don't get caught in the technology trap - we own the equipment and have to worry about that!
  • Financially efficient - Offset rentals against tax


  • Apply online or over the phone 0800 515 690
  • Attain approval and we email or post the documents out to you for signature
  • Sign and Return
  • Pay your deposit and document fee (£95.00) via cheque, card or BACS
  • Once deposit is cleared we will book a date for your installation

Payment Plan

A typical £1,500 worth of equipment will cost;

  • £ 95.00 document fee
  • £ 150 refundable security deposit
  • £ 19.00 per week or £82.00 per month

Terms and Conditions