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Red Coffee Machine

San Remo RED

As I am sure you are aware, the coffee industry is moving along faster than ever. When looking for a new machine, it is obviously vital that you find the correct one to suit your business. One which can cope with your required levels of output, one which will will make great tasting coffee all day long. Now however, you will have...

Press Release: Jura GIGA X8 Coffee Machine


This week, I was fortunate enough to be at the UK launch of JURA's latest bean to cup coffee machine, the GIGA X8!

This machine is as impressive to use, as it is on the eye! It's nickname is "SPEED" which isn't the only link to Formula 1 - The machine which was unveiled at Williams F1 HQ in Oxfordshire, is not only...

Don't let the winter pass you by

Coffee _fireplace

Sadly, it seems that yet another summer has been and gone in what feels like the blink of an eye! It's fair to say that when the weather is nice, and the nights are long, the summer appears to pass us by.
Pretty soon it will be cold, wet and dark by 4.30pm. Don't, however let this get you down. If you have a business in the leisure or gastronomic sectors, why not take advantage...

Ashes to Ashes


"Bring on the Aussies!"

This summer will see three huge sporting series against the Australians in the form of the Lions Tour and back to back Ashes.

They may not be much good at football, but the Australians have long been a huge rival of British sides in other sports, most notably rugby and cricket, and this summer the cream of these islands have three opportunities to do some lasting harm to the sporting...